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  • Bellucci Premium 500ml bottle range
    Bellucci Premium 500ml bottle range
    Product set sample shot for www.belluccipremium.com. 3D rendered, textured and illuminated.
  • Daylight Bedroom Textured
    Daylight Bedroom Textured
    Bedroom with full natural daylight illumination and high quality textures.
  • iPhone 5 Bellucci App Presentation
    iPhone 5 Bellucci App Presentation
    Set of three iPhone 5 showing different pages of the app, image to be used for the app page in www.belluccipremium.com.
  • Bedroom Untextured
    Bedroom Untextured
    Finished modelled bedroom before texturing and lightning
  • CO2 in grass
    CO2 in grass
    3D modeled CO2 letters covered in moving grass
  • 3D Model of Earth
    3D Model of Earth
    3D Modeled Earth with Nasa images, bump shading and layered clouds.
  • co2ww.com
    Web design and development for CO2 Web Watch
  • annaguardiola.com
    Web design and development for the photographer Anna Guardiola
  • joanmf.com
    Wed design and development for the baritone sax musician Joan Martí-Frasquier
  • candor-ags.com
    Website design and development for Candor-AGS group
  • co2ww.com
    Landing page of CO2 Web Watch
  • Cynara Artichokes
    Cynara Artichokes
    Website design and development for Cynara Worldwide Source.
  • Costa Dorada Guide
    Costa Dorada Guide
    We are working on the new iPhone/iPad and Android app for a tourist guide for Salou area.
  • Bellucci App
    Bellucci App
    We are working on the new iPhone/iPad and Android app for Bellucci Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Certified Origins Italia SrL.
  • Claqueta App
    Claqueta App
    We developed this iPhone and iPad app for the audiovisual production company JuanDesafinado Produccions. Based in Reus – Tarragona (Spain)
  • Cashew Intl Inc
    Cashew Intl Inc
    Website design for Cashew International Inc
  • English Classes Reus 2012
    English Classes Reus 2012
    Redesign of website for local language school
  • Veritasfilm.es
    Website for shortfilm Veritas (La Verdad)
  • Cinpasa
    Paper and online pdf catalogue design
  • Jara Advocats
    Jara Advocats
    Website for local lawyers buffet
  • Veritas Teaser Page
    Veritas Teaser Page
    Website for teaser of Shortfilm Veritas (La Verdad)
  • Compartia.net
    Website for content management specialists company
  • Centre d´Amics de Reus
    Centre d´Amics de Reus
    Website for local cultural association
  • tCodic.org
    Col·legi Official de Dissenyadors d’Interiors i Decoradors de Tarragona
  • elguisante.com
    Magazine de Creación y Diseño Web
  • TAG24.es
    Web design for TAG24 Media Studio
  • Unitatdaran.org
    Unitat d’Aran Political Party
  • Ecoclassroom.org
    WorldBank site project for ecoclassroom.org
  • Glaucoo
    Prototype project for a glaucoma vertical search engine
  • Crecube
    Website design for Crecube SL company.
  • English Classes Reus
    English Classes Reus
    Website for local language school
  • Evasa.info
    Website for Evasa, repsol motor oil distributor
  • Towerenglish.net
    Language school Tower English Reus
  • FotoRally.cat
    Prototype website for startup project concept
  • TAG Sistemes
    TAG Sistemes
    Web design for TAG Sistemes
  • Manusa.com
    Web design and development for manusa.com